Dialect Dissection

Dialect Dissection: Taylor Swift and Genre Hopping: Why does Taylor Swift change her accent between albums?

Dialect Dissection: Lana Del Rey's Chameleon Voice: Why does Lana Del Rey change her accent, seemingly at random?

Dialect Dissection: Ariana Grande: Why is Ariana Grande so difficult to understand?

Dialect Dissection: Founding Fathers: What did the U.S. Founding Fathers sound like back in 1776?

Dialect Dissection: Indie Girl Voice: What is indie voice? Is it only used by female singers? Where did it come from, and what can it tell us about how change is adopted?

Dialect Dissection: Lady Gaga: Mother Monster changes her looks, dance moves, and voice with every new era.

Dialect Dissection: The Beatles: The boys from Liverpool who changed music in the 60s. Were they repping their hometown or giving in to the American sound?

Long Articles

Oh Babih, Babay - How one vowel one hundred years ago changed how we sing: The history of word-final /i/ in singing.

The Deal with Daddy: The etymology of "daddy" and how its meaning has changed so radically.

Whomst'd've Guessed It?: Why is the fanciest word we can invent "whomst"? Looking behind the meme.

Language of Poptimism: Sociolinguistics and musicology intersect in this look at how dialect affects being proud of being pop.

Minor Articles

Cardi B and "Sounding Uneducated": Cardi B is one of the hottest stars of 2018, and yet she's ashamed of her accent and works to get rid of it. This is a look at accent prejudice and how it manifests itself.

Got the World on a Shtring - S-retraction: Who are the folks saying "shtring" instead of "string" - and why are they doing that?

Classical Pig Latin: A basic look at Pig Latin, plus a Pig Latin translator written by yours truly.

Where Are the British Accents: Why are there so few British accents in pop music?

The Alveolar Trill: What is an alveolar trill, and where does it show up?

Yanks Posing As Brits: Why do Americans try to sound British at times?

Pre-Velar Raising: An introduction to the phenomenon that can make "rang" sound like "reing."

Can You Conjugate: A look at the poetic uses of non-standard conjugation.

Behind the Name: How does GameFreak decide what a Pokemon will be called? It turns out there's a pattern.

Glottal Stops: What is a glottal stop?

The Marvelous Thou: What is "thou", how do we use it, and where does it appear?

A Case of Pronoun Misuse: Pronouns are one of the few words in English that still have case. However, their case isn't always used as you would expect.

The Logic of Mondegreens: We mishear lyrics all the time, but is there a reason for it?

Fergie's Fearsome Fonetiks: A play by play of why Fergie's rendition of the American National Anthem sounded so strange.

Happy Valentine's Day!: A humorous image and a look at some interesting-sounding linguistic terms.

Accent Matters: Discussing accent-based prejudice in the legal system.

Mapping the "Shape Of You": Looking into where the term "shape of you" comes from and what makes it a suitable song title.

What is #AccentChallenge18 Testing?: Why do "accent challenges" seem to have the same words, and what are they really looking for?

Why Does Khalid Say "Amewican Teen"?: American singer Khalid doesn't say "r"s like we expect him to.

A Quick Taxonomy of Album Titles: Learning about syntax via album titles.

Rae Sremmurd Teaches Phonotactics: Rae Sremmurd explains how to pronounce their name and accidentally invents phonotactics.

More Than A WUH-man: A mysterious pronunciation I hear on several 1970s songs.

These Song Titles Are Too Weird Nowadays: Why are song titles pulled from the least catchy portion of a song?

Forensic Morphology & Zootopia: Nick Wilde claims that there's nothing wrong with selling "wood that is red" as "redwood." A closer look at at the morphology tells us this isn't quite so.

What do you mean when you "beat" a game?: An old article about the semantic meaning of "beating a game."


Crash Course - International Phonetic Alphabet: An introduction to learning the International Phonetic Alphabet.

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