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March 16, 2018

3-12 Recap

Hello! A lot of behind-the-scenes work this week into making the site better. Some very interesting progress on the domain name side of things. :) And general management tools that should make it easier to schedule posts and update social media. We talked about the pronoun thou and how it's used in music this week. Our big post of the moment is still the Lana Del Rey Dialect Dissection, so check that out if you haven't yet!

We've also changed the Twitter situation around, in case you're still following the old Twitter. The new Twitter is @acelinguist. Follow to keep up with updates and news!

I'm floating around an idea to update some of the posts I've done in the past. For example, I think my post on pronouncing woman as wuh-man would really benefit from some audio, and other posts would benefit from pictures and video. Not to mention, several of these pages can be expanded upon as well. I'll keep it on the same page as well, because I do dislike it when blogs spread out content and updates over ten different pages.

See you next week!

- Karen

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