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February 27, 2024

February Update

Hello, no post for February due to the usual reasons (too many obligations). I'll leave you with a random observation of mine.

I was recently playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door in anticipation for the remake that is coming out. I noticed that the phrase "this guy" appears very frequently - "this guy likes to do this", "what do you think of this guy?" I had never noticed before, but this time around it stuck out a lot. I suspect that this is a translation artifact from the Japanese word 'koitsu' (こいつ), which is highly casual and usually translated as "this guy". I'd have to check the Japanese version to be certain for sure, but I'm certain it must be some sort of translation artifact. People simply don't say the words "this guy" that often in English.

I often have little observations like these that aren't big enough to put into a post, and I never quite know what to do with them. I'd have put it on Twitter in another time, but I don't go on Twitter as much as I used to. I guess I may as well share them here. :)

- Karen


  1. For what it's worth, I think short, cute language observations are a perfect size of post!

    1. I appreciate it, Lauren! I'll probably be posting more of these small observations then. It's a bother to keep "saving them" in anticipation of some very large post that may never happen anyway. :)