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February 16, 2018

Feb-12 Recap

The end of another week! I apologize for the relatively skimpy content this week. I got sick one week and unexpectedly fell behind on my content production quota. This particularly bad cold has made me realize that a biweekly update is not very feasible to maintain with my current life conditions. With that being said, I am switching to updating once a week. I haven't fixed the date yet, but right now I am going to aim for Wednesday. I will continue doing Friday posts, only they'll probably change from being "recaps" (since there's only one post to recap) to general updates on the blog. I'll continue to comment on general linguistics news (and any interesting musical observations as well!).

This week I included a sneak preview of a research vein I'm looking at, the intertwined origins of Max Martin and "babay." I also gave you all a very superficial introduction to some interestingly named syntactic jargon.

I do have some good news for you all: all the audio clips for the next Dialect Dissection are ready! To make up for this week's lack of content, I hope to bring you the next Dialect Dissection next week. I'm very excited about this one because it's on one of my favorite singers.

I'll be with you again next week - hopefully healthier this time.

- Karen

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