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February 23, 2018

Feb-19 Recap

Hey guys! This week we debuted the long-awaited Dialect Dissection for Lana Del Rey! We also had some content from recent news when we looked at the linguistic oddities behind Ferfie's National Anthem performance. We're switching to a style where I update once a week instead of twice a week, since twice a week doesn't leave enough time to develop these articles. Nevertheless, if there is something timely or interesting that happens and I can get an article out quickly, I'll update out of schedule like with the Fergie article. I will keep the Friday posts coming to discuss site-related updates or other news.

Some of you have told me that the audio files are not playing in iOS. From what I can tell, this issue is being caused by the files being uploaded as ogg vorbis files, which iOS does not natively support. I will have to do further testing to make sure that this is the reason, but I intend to have this fixed as soon as possible so my iOS-using viewers can also listen to the sound clips.

Thanks to All Things Linguistic, I found this phonetics-themed playlist on Spotify. The idea behind it is very cool - using song titles that describe terms in phonetics - and I started wondering if there were other playlists like this. Back in May I made a playlist of songs contrasting happy-laxing, happy-tensing, and happy-breaking.

Thank you all for your support! I'll see you next week! - Karen

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