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February 2, 2018

Jan-29 Review

Man, how about those Grammys, huh? No? Okay, let's move on to the topic of the blog. Much to my disappointment, I could not end up finishing the next Dialect Dissection article in time for you all this week. You can definitely look forward to it next month. In reality, it's probably unrealistic to expect anything less than a month in-between Dialect Dissections. Luckily this one was already half completed and is on its way to being finished. A lot of progress has also been made on the other long-form article (still a surprise).

Firstly, a continued thanks to everyone that's reading! I'd like to extend a special thank you to Neal Whitman of Literal Minded for retweeting my Taylor Swift article! Literal Minded is one of the best examples of a linguistics blog that still reaches out to laymen out there. I highly recommend checking it out; his post on "a-yo" is a lot of fun and uses plenty of music examples.

This week saw my continued fascination with how song titles have changed nowadays. Of particular interest to me is the process for picking song titles that appears to have little rhyme or reason to me. What's the deal? Is this some streaming-influenced development? We also talked about another song title, Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You." This song title is pretty interesting to me as someone interested in English dialects. It's one of the more personalized aspects of the song.

Some important news: the Tumblr is now live! The Tumblr will focus on finding funny or interesting linguistics-related material and providing commentary. If you want to keep up with new articles from this blog, I will also post updates on the Tumblr to let you know when new posts come around. Follow to make sure you never miss a post! ;) The Facebook is still a work in progress. That one will be updated a little less frequently than the Tumblr, but if you prefer Facebook as your news feed, I'll still have you covered.

I've also decided on Monday and Wednesday as definite update days, with Friday as the recap day and Tuesday and Thursday as optional update days for if I just have too much time-sensitive stuff to post in a week. If you've been holding off on subscribing because you're tired of the emotional strain of following blogs that never update on a schedule, you can trust me not to let you down. ;)

Personal news: I saw Lana Del Rey in concert and let me tell you, she's just the sweetest. It was a trip hearing her say words like "Floridian" and "Miami" and "daddy" live. I probably won't do General Admission next time, though, because I am utterly exhausted in a way I did not know it was possible to be from a concert. I also think I overheard some pop music fans because who else would say "she invented sitting" and "queen of swings" (actual quotations)?

I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week. Have a lovely weekend!

- Karen

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